Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Goodbye Dallas, Hello Wisconsin

Today is my final and last day of seminary here in Dallas! I have finally graduated with my masters, and now ready to move on to the next phase in life. I will be moving back to Wisconsin to begin my new job on the 26th of December. It has been a difficult and faith building experience here in Dallas, and I would not have done a thing different. In fact I am sad to be leaving all the friends and families that I have come to love here in Dallas. But as sad as I am to leave, I am just as excited to start this new phase in life! God bless y'all in Dallas and hello to y'all in Wisconsin!


Anonymous said...

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ryan said...

congrats Moose! where abouts in WI are you moving to? Madison?? If your in the area, give us a holler!

JDL said...

Well Ryan, it is back to Lacrosee for me. and yes, i am looking forward to seeing y'all as well.

Jonathan Moorhead said...

We'll miss you Young Jared, but we'll definitely be keeping in touch.

uncle tim said...

Woohoo! LaCrosse is a sweet sport. I can't believe you're coming back to play professionally! Congratulations on your achievement!